Furry Friends Fitness & Pet Minding

I provide exercise and enrichment opportunities for your furry friend canines. The focus is on fun and fitness.

And because you asked for it, I can now offer pet minding services!

I was nervous about leaving my little cat for 2 weeks to have a holiday. I became aware that Sue was available to care for my baby. After returning home I was delighted to see how my little baby was so well looked after. Sue went above and beyond what was expected. Thank you Sue, for caring for Chocolate.

I have no hesitation in recommending Sue to care for your special member of the family.

Julie B

What I Offer

Solo Sessions

I devote time to one dog only - for the shy dog, or nervous dog, or giant breed. Also for first time pooches so I get to know them.

Group Walks

Three dogs as a maximum - opportunities for play and socialisation, but where I'm not dividing my attention between too many pooches.

A Dog Family

Do you have more than one dog in your home? If so, I’m more than  happy to walk your pooches together (and your second or third dog entitles you to a discount).


I will happily come to your home and look after your feline friend. Old or young, fussy or easy-going, fluffy or sleek – I love cats.


I grew up with canaries and budgies. I’ve kept finches and a cockatoo. Whether they are in your home or in an aviary, I’m happy to look after them when you go away.

Other Pets (fish, guinea pigs, mice...)

I love creatures, great and small. If yours aren’t named in the other sections – don’t worry. Contact me, tell me your needs for pet minding, and I’ll try to help you out.

Hi! My name is Sue
I am an avid animal lover and definite dog-person.
Unfortunately, my last pup passed away in late 2021, and I've been missing him ever since. Given I adore spending time with dogs, and I know that many people who work, or those who have health issues, aren't always able to give their beloved dogs the time they need for exercise and play, I decided to open my special dog walking/play services. It gives me the opportunity to interact with dogs - something I love - while giving owners the reassurance that their special fur-family members are receiving attention and care for their wellbeing.
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