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So I’m ready to take bookings, starting this Wednesday (February 1st), for those initial, trial, one-hour solo sessions. These are the getting to know you sessions I use to determine what sort of service will best suit your wonderful dog. I gauge things like how comfortable the dog is with me, and with others, and when other dogs are around. From there, I can work out how quickly we can move into a group session, whether the one or half hour session is best for your pooch, and how regularly you might want me to take your dog out and about.

I’m getting rather excited! My first booking is for Wednesday morning, and in spite of me saying introductory sessions should be solo, I’m actually taking two dogs from the same household. Fortunately for me (and them), we already know each other! Their “paw”rent works longish hours and isn’t always able to provide the activity level she knows her gorgeous pups need. One is a young and active labrador x golden retriever, and the other is a papillon – also active.

I’m really looking forward to our get together.

Maybe you’ll be my next booking!


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